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*These services (including herbal medicine consultation) are included in each acupuncture service. The herbal formulas are purchased separately.


Acupuncture is an effective form of medical treatment that has evolved into a complete holistic health care system. Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this ancient treatment method to help millions of people become and stay well.

Acupuncture promotes natural healing and can enhance  recuperative power and immunity,
support physical and emotional health, and improve overall function and well-being. It is a safe, painless, and effective way to treat various medical problems. Acupuncture (along with herbal treatments, nutrition, and exercise) works with the vital natural energies of the body to promote its ability to heal itself.

Acupuncture activates an energetic source called (pronounced “chee”) Qi inside the body and circulates through specific channels called “meridians.” A person feels unwell when Qi is deficient, polluted, out of balance, or stagnated. Acupuncture helps restore the balance of Qi by clearing blocked meridians, strengthening deficient organs, and calming hyperactive organs.

The most prestigious hospitals in the US (John Hopkins, MD Anderson, the Mayo Clinic, and the Cleveland Clinic) offer acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapies.

*Stress Relief:

Studies have confirmed that acupuncture reduces stress and stimulates natural feel-good hormones. Acupuncture lowers the hormone cortisol, which is considered a stress hormone.

*Auricular Therapy:

Ear acupuncture or auricular therapy can calm the mind, resolve pain, and regulate hormones used as an adjunct with each acupuncture.


Essential oils have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and now studies verify their efficacy in destressing, lifting moods, increasing memory, and benefitting lung health.

Used in a diffuser or topically, essential oil aromatherapy is relevant for holistic care at AHS.

Micro needling:

Micro needling therapy also called Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) and Percutaneous (through the skin) Collagen Induction (PCI), is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of an electric needle pen. The mechanical action of the pen allows needles to puncture the skin and create a controlled injury at a specific depth. Each puncture creates a channel that triggers the body’s natural healing process to fill these micro-wounds by producing new collagen and elastin in the papillary dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed to improve blood supply and circulation. With micro needling, the top layer of the skin is parted without being damaged, leaving the skin intact. It does not “burn” your skin like peels or more invasive lasers. Using micro needling consistently will trigger the body’s repair process until the desired level of skin rejuvenation is achieved. Micro needling instigates the production of new collagen and elastin, improving skin tone and the reduction of scar, pore, and stretch mark size. The micro channels created by the needles allow for deeper penetration of topical serums for more effective results. This procedure can increase the skin’s ability to utilize herbal serums by up to 3,000%. The seven herbal serums in these treatments address your concerns about skin tone, pigmentation, scarring, texture, wrinkles, dark/puffy under-eye area, or loss of elasticity.

These micro needling treatments include a full-body acupuncture treatment to address the root imbalances.

Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxibustion:

Cupping is an ancient form of Chinese Medicine using glass (or silicone) cups to create suction on the skin. At AHS, we use these modalities to release muscle tension/ pain, decrease inflammation, improve blood circulation. and cellulite reduction.

Gua Sha, or scraping, is a modality of ancient Chinese Medicine. At AHS, we use a porcelain spoon and oil to the skin to release the dermal layer below the skin. Gua Sha is commonly used with cupping for muscle tension and pain. Gua Sha can also be used for migraines, headaches, inflammation, and even menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes.

Moxibustion or moxa is a Chinese medicine modality using a Chinese herb called Ai Ye (mugwort leaves) dried and rolled into a stick. The stick is burned and held close to the skin to penetrate the layers beneath the skin. Moxa is used for pain and tension; however, it can be used for colds and flu, pain, fatigue, and gynecological issues.

Cupping, Gua Sha, and Moxibustion are add-on to acupuncture treatments.

*Herbal Medicine:

Herbal formulas are frequently used with acupuncture or independently. Our formulas are tested for purity and plant identification and sold only to practitioners. Chinese herbal medicine is an important adjunct to acupuncture for specific diagnoses and is often considered 50% Chinese medicine. Talk to your practitioner about replacing over-the-counter medications for flu and colds with Chinese herbal formulas.

*Pain Relief:

The World Health Organization has determined that acupuncture is an effective therapy for over 200 clinical conditions, including pain and injuries. Acupuncture helps decrease inflammation and is cited by the National Institute of Health as a way to treat pain, stating that “Traditional acupuncture can relieve pain intensity and improve the quality of daily life with a relative long-term clinical efficacy in patients with chronic neck pain.” Acupuncture is a complete body treatment and offers a safe, effective, drug-free alternative to Western Medical care.


Research of more than 300 papers on acupuncture found evidence of benefits for the reproductive function of women. The results supported acupuncture for menstrual irregularity, menstrual pain, ovulatory dysfunction, and infertility.

Acupuncture can also support the body through IVF (in vitro fertilization) and increase its efficacy. A recent review concluded that acupuncture treatment might help women trying to conceive.

*Nutritional Consulting:

Our team is well-educated in Western and Eastern nutrition and supplementation. If you have questions about your care and whether a change in diet would benefit you, simply ask your practitioner. We are here to help you attain your healthcare goals; even a slight diet change might help you reach your wellness goals.

*Movement Recommendations:

Qi Gong, Tai Chi, walking, and yoga are all forms of movement to increase circulation and give essential energy back to the body and mind. These recommendations are available with each acupuncture treatment.

*Lifestyle Support:

Lifestyle support is available with every acupuncture treatment. This support may help with stress management, sleep, digestion, and regaining your natural flow. Our practitioners are fluent in Feng Shui (environmental balance), element balancing, seasonal adjustments, and natural rhythms theories, capable of giving ideas for subtle yet effective adjustments to help you reach your wellness goals.

Remote or Distance Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments are performed from a distance as the patient lays down comfortably in their home. These treatments work deeply on the underpinnings of energetic imbalances responsible for physical, mental, and emotional disharmonies. With remote acupuncture, we consider that everything is energy; these distant treatments can activate the acupuncture point energetics from afar, similarly to how I can lock my front door remotely.

These remote sessions simply require that you are uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes sitting in a chair or lying in a bed.

To schedule a distance acupuncture treatment, please email

Dr. Susan Sandage, R.N., L.Ac., D.Ac., (NCCAOM)-AHS owner.

*These services (including herbal medicine consultation) are included in each acupuncture service. The herbal formulas are purchased separately.

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