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Allergy symptoms subsided

“I recently returned to acupuncture after completing my graduate program for veterinary studies. (My first experience with acupuncture was more than 15 years ago when an acupuncturist helped me alleviate health problems that had resulted from the stress of working three different jobs as an undergrad.) While in graduate school, I was so focused on my studies, I wasn’t taking time for myself. Now that I am out of school, I have a little more time (and money) to concentrate on my own well-being. I use a combination of massage, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments as a preventative wellness plan.

A friend recommend licensed acupuncturist Susan Sandage to me. I find Susan to be gentle, compassionate and attentive to how I’m feeling. My treatments have helped to increase my energy level and I have found them useful for eliminating health threats before they escalate. For example, my allergies recently flared up just a few days before one of my regularly scheduled acupuncture appointments. I mentioned my allergies to Susan at the appointment, and she addressed them in her treatment. That evening, I already felt like a different person—my allergy symptoms had subsided.

I believe in the power of acupuncture. In fact, I believe it in so strongly that I studied veterinarian acupuncture for my own practice. Both history and modern science have demonstrated the benefits of acupuncture on small and large animals (horses, in particular). After opting to complete two rotations in the veterinary acupuncture program, I will soon be certified to bring this added health benefit to my four-legged veterinary clients. Meanwhile, I heartily endorse the best acupuncturist around for us two-legged creatures – Susan Sandage!”

– Angela B.

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