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Pain and the swelling dissipated

“I am a Presbyterian minister, with a strong interest in different healing modalities. I took a class with the Sisters of Saint Benedict that explored Reiki, the healing touch. This class piqued my interest in acupuncture. After a bit of online research, I decided to try acupuncture with licensed acupuncturist Susan Sandage.

One of the things I appreciate about Susan is that she fully understands both Western and Eastern medicine. As a trained registered nurse, she has a strong professional background in traditional Western medicine. Susan has built on her extensive knowledge by incorporating the best of acupuncture and Eastern medicine to create a healing practice that is most impressive. Additionally, she regularly pursues continuing education in her field.

In the past, I have seen Susan on an as-needed basis. For example, one of my hobbies is classical English-style horse riding, or “dressage”. Once, I took a nasty fall. Although nothing was broken, I did experience severe soreness and swelling which did not go away. After just one treatment with Susan, both the pain and the swelling completely dissipated. I have also recommended Susan to several of my friends, witnessing their own improvement as Susan successfully treated them.

The Acupuncture & Herbal Solutions office is very private. You are treated in a private room in a private setting where, thanks to Susan’s caring manner, you feel safe to ask questions. When I think back to my first acupuncture visit, I remember how I had built up so many worries about what to anticipate. The actual experience was so uneventful, I couldn’t believe it. The needles felt no worse than a fingernail touching my skin. When my first treatment was over, I thought: “This is it?” It wasn’t until I left
the Acupuncture& Herbal Solutions office that I realized:
“Wow! I’m feeling much better.”

Today I make it a habit to schedule a treatment per month to maintain my wellness. Acupuncture helps to keep my energy flow in sync, making me less susceptible to illness and keeping me healthy so that I can fully enjoy my hobbies and my pending retirement from the Navy Chaplain Corps.”

– Connie D.

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