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This has changed my life

“As a student of massage therapy and an individual interested in the healing arts and sciences, I had heard about Susan Sandage for years via friends and acquaintances. They had shared wonderful testimonies as to how Susan had helped them with various matters from grief to digestive problems to reproductive issues.

When I recently developed an acute medical problem, I decided to go to Susan for help. After just a few weeks in treatment, I can already safely say “This has changed my life.”

Medical problems and needles equal “stress” for most people, but Susan has an amazing ability to make her patients feel completely relaxed. She demonstrates an incredible respect for my innate wisdom about my own body. She is easy to talk to (perhaps because she is such a careful listener), and the consultation before each treatment truly does feel consultative. To me, Susan feels like a knowledgeable and concerned peer instead of a cold and distant “medical expert”. What’s more, Susan is easy going and fun to be around: I joke that it’s worth paying for treatments just to be in her presence!

As a patient and a massage therapy student, I’m learning a lot from Susan’s extensive knowledge of her field, but most importantly, from her bedside manner. I hope that I can make my future clients as comfortable and happy as she makes me!”

– Diana R.

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